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I am in the beginning phases of writing a short book on the law of Driving Under the Influence. With the impending decriminalization of marijuana coming soon to Pennsylvania, it is only a matter of time when the police will find another way of arresting people so that they can balance their budgets on the backs of casual pot smokers. Most of the law enforcement officers I know look down on marijuana and will gleefully stop and put these people in jail, whether justifiably or not.

Graduation season is upon us. With it comes the usual rash of underage drinking citations that go along with the season. There is a potential license suspension that goes along with the citation. This is what I attempt to avoid at all costs.

I have recently been retained on a computer fraud case in federal court here in pittsubugh. given what has been going on in technology and in the news, it is obvious that this type of case is going to be more prevalent in the future.


I am still handling narcotics cases in both Federal and state court. with the amount of overdoses taking place, law enforcement is placing a huge emphasis on hard drugs, and the punishments are severe. when you or a loved one is accused of such a crime, you will want someone who knows what he is doing on your side.

I am currently handling the estates of a few very nice families here in Pittsburgh with whom it has been a pleasure to work. I hope to increase this practice area as time goes on. The local Department of Court Records staff are very personable and helpful. I am on a first name basis with many of the people who work there.

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